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Oodit Riskplan


24 March 2017

From the 24th of March there will be a new version of Oodit Riskplan available. In this newest version you can expect introduced improvements, bug fixes and newly added features. In this release note you can read what has changed.


Scope of this release

In this release the focus is on modifications to the risk assessments, some bug fixes and some modifications to improve the speed and reliability of Oodit Riskplan.


Supported browsers:

Internet Explorer version 10 and higher

Google Chrome version 51 and higher

Mozilla Firefox version 47 and higher

Safari version 9 and higher


New features

  • Wizard for creating a new risk plan.
  • Invite participants to an assessment by e-mail (without an account). 

Changes in existing features

  • Some bug fixes to improve the speed, stability and reliability of Oodit Riskplan.
  • Possibility to invite participants to an assessment without the need of an Oodit Riskplan account.
  • Streamlined operations for various functionalities


Known issues

  • At this time there are no known issues with the new release of Oodit Riskplan (yet). If, as a user, you do find an issue and/or improvement, please contact the support department of Oodit Riskplan.
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