How to register / Create an account

From the main page at it is possible to register a new company account. 


  • Click on Register, as shown in the image above, and fill in the required company details. 

* If your company already has an account, please login by using the blue login button.


  • Please select a unique subdomain which reflects your company name, without punctuation marks (only - is allowed) since these could cause issues in most browsers. 
  • The fist user, filed in this form, will be the account owner and will be able to view all the risk plans belonging to the company. 

Oodit Riskplan will send you a confirmation e-mail. Please confirm your e-mailaddress by clicking the received link to activate your account and start using Oodit Riskplan. *N.B. The link in the confirmation e-mail can only be used once and will expire within 30 days if not used. 


Thank you for choosing Oodit Riskplan. 


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