How to link a measure to a risk

A measure can be linked to one or more risks. 

First open the risk plan where the risk and measure are added which you want to link. Don't know where to find this yet? Please visit the other Frequently Asked Questions to see how to setup your Oodit Riskplan account. 

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From the risk plan overview page, click the measures tab in the sidebar, as shown in the image above, to open the measures overview page. 

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Click the desired measure to open. The measure will open in a popup window, in which you can edit the measure if necessary. Click the Link risk button. 

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Via the dropdown menu you can search for and select the risk to which you would like to link the measure. 

An information bar will be shown at the top of the screen as a confirmation that you have just linked the measure to a risk successfully. 

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To undo the link between the risk and measure, open the same measure in the popup window. When you hover over the name of the linked risk an icon will appear. Click this icon to unlink the measure and risk. 

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