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It's possible to add multiple types of attachments in Oodit Riskplan and link them to a specific risk. Use these attachments to gain more clarity in a situation and this way you can add complementing information to your risks. 

There are three ways to add an attachment in Oodit Riskplan;

  1. From the Attachments page
  2. From an existing risk
  3. As an issue (through the mobile app)

 In this help-subject we will only discuss numbers 1 and 2. For information on how to add an attachment using the mobile app, please visit the help-subject about Issues.

From the Attachments page:

First, from an existing risk plan, click on the Attachments tab in the sidebar. 

There are a couple of ways to add an attachment from this page. 

If you want to add a file as an attachment you can easily use the drag & drop function. Simply drag the file you would like to add to the grey bar beneath Add attachment. A popup screen will open in which you can add a label to the attachment, click on save to confirm uploading the attachment. 

You can also use the green Add attachment button.

When clicking this button a dropdown menu will open, which will give you three options. Please select the type of attachment you would like to add from the dropdown menu and add the attachment in the next screen. 

If you are adding an image or a file the way of adding is exactly as stated above in this document. 

When adding a URL, the method of adding is a little different. The following screen will popup when you click Add URL

Fill in a title for the URL and enter the complete URL you would like to add (including http:// or https://). 

* Attention! When adding an attachment from the attachments page, they will not be automatically linked to a specific risk. This will have to be done manually. 

If you would like to link an attachment you've just added to a risk in your risk plan, you have to open the attachments screen (first image on this page). Click on the attachment that you want to link to a risk and select Link in the menu on the right side of your screen.

Select the risk you want the attachment linked to and click on its name. The attachment is now linked to your selected risk.

From this screen it's also possible to delete the attachment or to add a location or label. 


An attachment can also be added from an earlier added risk. First open the risk you would like to add an attachment to. Don't have an added risk yet? Please visit the FAQ's to find out how to add a risk in Oodit Riskplan. 

Open the desired risk and scroll down until you see the list as in the image below. 

You can now simply drag & drop the files you would like to add. It does't matter to which part of the screen you drag the files, they will automatically be placed in the correct category.

It's also possible to add attachments by clicking on one of the buttons as shown in the image above. The method of adding the attachment through one of these buttons is the same as explained at the top of this document. 

When an attachment is added through the risk screen, the attachment will automatically be linked to this risk. 


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