User roles

In Oodit Riskplan there are multiple different user roles available that can be assigned to a user. Every user role has different options and access to different parts of Oodit Riskplan. 

All roles, that are available in Oodit Riskplan, will be explained below.

  • Account owner
  • Risk manager
  • Risk plan manager
  • Collaborator
  • Guest

Account owner
The account owner is the user role with the most rights. The account has access to all the risk plans linked to the account and can make all the adjustments imaginable. 

Risk manager
The risk manager has the same rights as an account owner, with the exception of having the rights to access the account settings. 

Risk plan manager
A risk plan manager has the same rights as a risk manager, but only on the risk plan level. The difference is that a risk plan manager has these rights only for the specific risk plan and not for the entire account.

A collaborator has fewer rights. For a collaborator it is still possible to view the entire risk plan, however it is not possible for a collaborator to make any changes to the plan. The only changes a collaborator can make are on measures that have been assigned, by one of the managers explained above, to the collaborator. 

A guest only has the rights to view a risk plan and is never permitted to make any changes. Quite convenient, when you want your insurer to check on your risk management for example. 

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