Risk assessments

Setting up:
This is a newly added feature in Oodit Riskplan. The assessment feature enables users to interactively assess multiple risks, on your own or together with your team, to assist you in the whole risk managing process.

First you need to have added at least one risk to your risk plan, before you can start a risk assessment.

Don’t know how to do this? Please visit the “Getting started” section for an in-depth explanation.

Click the assessment icon in the sidebar to go to the risk assessment overview page. When there is no assessment added to your account yet, you will see this introduction page.

Click the green “Start risk assessment” button to begin with your first risk assessment.

An introduction, with a explanation on the different tabs of the wizard, will open. When you’ve read the introduction click the green “Give name” button to proceed to the next step in your assessment. You can choose if you want the introduction to be shown the next time as well by selecting or deselecting the checkbox.

Navigate to the risk assessment wizard to set up a complete risk assessment.

On the last page of the wizard, a summary of your assessment is shown. If you see any mistakes you’ve made, this is the time to go back and fix them by clicking the “edit” link next to the subject you would like to edit.

You can add a personalised text for the invitation e-mail that Oodit Riskplan will automatically send to all participants. Select or deselect the checkbox depending on if you want to estimate the risks right away and click the green “start risk assessment” button

When you select the checkbox on the summary page of the wizard you will be taken directly to the screen where you can start assessing your risks. If not, you will navigate to the risk assessment overview page. From this page, you can open and fill out the risk assessment at any time by clicking the name of the risk assessment.




Assessing your risks
Work through the risks you’ve added to the risk assessment. Estimate the probability and impact of a risk on the current level and the desired level. The desired level should contain the probability and impact after the mitigating measures have been applied. Give your estimate for the first risk, motivate your estimation and click “next risk” to proceed through the entire assessment. You can repeat these steps until you’ve estimated the all the risks added to this assessment.

After estimating the last risk a popup window will open. Click the “to risk assessments” button, this will make you navigate to the risk overview page.

On the risk assessment overview page, click the “view report” button next to the assessment. Check if you would like to edit something in the assessment and if you have to wait for the other participants to add their estimation. When all participants have estimated the risks in the assessment and added their motivation, click the green “finalize” button.

You will see a popup screen in which you select whether or not you want to apply the risk scores to the risks in your plan and if you would like to send an email to the participants.

Click the blue “Complete risk assessment” button to close this assessment. After closing the assessment it will no longer be possible to edit or discuss this assessment.

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