What's in a report?

Within Oodit Riskplan there are two different kinds of reports. Namely a complete report of the entire risk plan or a report with only measures added. First we'll explain the complete report. 

When you want to start a full report, do so from the risk overview page. At the top of the screen there's a link stating "Report". When clicking the link a popup window opens, choose if you want a compact or full report. If you choose for a compact report, only the risks and linked measures will show. If you choose a full report, all extra information will be added like labels and budgeting. 

In the measures report there will only be an overview of all active measures on the risk plan. The measures are sorted by expiration date. Apart from the date and title of the measure, the current status of the measures are shown. You can find the link for a measure report on the measures page. 

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